High Precision 3 Axis Wood Cnc Router Machine SD-1325

High precision 3 axis wood cnc router machine SD-1325
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Product Details

Product parameter



Working area

X axis


Y axis


Z axis


Table structure

Vacuum suction table with T slot +5.5kw water pump


Taiwan PMI 20mm square orbit

Transmission type

XY rack,Z ball screw

Working accuracy


Repositioning accuracy


Max air move speed


Max working speed


Spindle parameters

Type of cooling

Air cooling





Motor and drive system


Drive system

Leadshine ME860-SD


Taiwan Delta Inverter

Command code

G code

Control system

NCstudio 53NK-105

Oiling system


Working voltage

380V,50Hz, 3 phase

Cleaning system

3KW dust collector

Transmission type


Position cylinder

5 sets Air Positioning Cylinder(Two on the x-axis and three on the y-axis)

Product details

1.4.5KW domestic HQD air cooling spindle has high rotational speed,low noise,large power,fast response.


2.Using high torque stepper motor control technology and high-performance drive,maximize motor performance,motor running smooth.


3.There are six manual valves on the body to control the vacuum pump.

photobank (14)

4.High hardness table  with PVC engineering-plastics,smooth and flat,matrix adsorbed slot,and equipped with professional large power vacuum pump,high adsorption capacity.

photobank (4)

5.DSP control system-NCstudio NK-105,The operation is simple and efficient, compatible with a variety of domestic and foreign CAM software.

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6.Adopt Taiwan PMI 20mm square orbit,good quality and high precision to make the machine with high speed and high precision.


7.The drag chain can separate the signal line, power line, gas circuit, and oil circuit to prevent the cables from being twisted together when the machine is running, and also to prevent signal interference.

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Wood:can process cabinet,wood door,solid wood,plate-type,windows,table,chairs,etc.

Decoration:screen,wave plate,huge-scale hanging,advertisement plates,markings making.

Arts:can engrave on man-made stone,wood,bamboo,marble,acrylic,double-colored board beautiful drawings and letters.


Packaging &shipping

We usually arrange the shipment within 20 days after payment.We have many years of transportation experience to ensure that the goods are delivered to you safely and completely.



The factory is clean and tidy, with a complete range of products, which can meet your needs. The factory is large, the processing and production process is complete, and the product quality is guaranteed.


Our team

Our team not only has rich experience in technology, but also pays attention to customers' feelings and recommends more suitable products to customers.Team members will also improve themselves by participating in exhibitions and regular training.


Company information

Jinan Sudiao CNC Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007. It is a private enterprise approved and registered by the Economic and Southern Bureau of Industry and Commerce. The company is engaged in research, design, development, and production of automatic labeling and drilling and cutting centers, customized cabinets and wardrobes, smart hole machines, CNC six-sided drill, CNC panel saw, cabinet intelligent connection, cabinet closet molded door line, multiple six-sided drill cutting machine connection, production process planning and design, solid wood assembly processing center and other woodworking CNC machining center products Professional manufacturing company. As early as 2016, the company has started planning the whole house customized intelligent unmanned production line and implemented it on the ground. In 17 years, it delivered the "Made in China 2025" display project of the China Science and Technology Museum. The project combined manipulators and the Internet to further the speed-carved intelligent panel furniture production line. The upgrade and transformation have achieved the effect of interaction between manufacturers, production service providers, and users on an open and shared network platform. On this basis, and in the context of the current panel furniture manufacturing upgrade, the company launched multiple cutting machine connections, multiple six-sided drill connections, full-process cabinet smart connection, and cabinet and wardrobe molded door panels in 2018. Automatic and semi-automatic planning and design projects for production processes such as connection. In the next 2 to 3 years, the company is committed to providing stable and practicable solutions for the woodworking industry.


contact information


mobile phone&whatsapp&whatsapp:13256134727
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