CNC Automatic Tool Change Multifunction Woodworking Machine

As an economical door panel processing equipment, the in-line tool change machining center is widely used in the market. The straight-line tool change machining center, as the name implies, is that the tool magazine is a fixed row. The SUDIAO 1325C follow-type straight-line tool changer can move with the gantry. The tool change speed is fast, and the wear of the guide rail is small, saving time.
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Product Details

Advantages of cutting machine:

1 Smart template production

Computer drawing, the software comes with a large number of templates. Simple and convenient, with many types of production.

2 Improve production efficiency

Import data, automatic cutting board blanking, without unnecessary manual operation, greatly improving output.

3 High board utilization

Scientific calculation, intelligent typesetting, improve the utilization rate of the board and save costs.

4 Reduce dust pollution

The central dust collection + secondary dust removal device, the vacuum cleaner absorbs most of the dust generated by the production of cutting materials, and protects the production environment of the factory.

5 More functions

The cutting machine can cut various shapes of plates, and can perforate, draw grooves, and engrave for the production of cabinets, cabinet doors, and craft decorations.

Reasons for choosing us:

1 Factory direct sales

Woodworking machinery source manufacturer, real factory direct sales, quality after-sales guarantee.


2 Electrical equipment

Select high-quality brand electrical accessories. Durable, high safety, all wiring is marked to facilitate troubleshooting.


3 Adsorption table

The all-in-one machine is designed to absorb the table structure, and the machine itself engraves the lines and mills the surface. It fits with the machine more accurately.


4 Spindle motor

Selected brand high-speed air-cooled spindles. The cylinder and guide rail ensure that the spindle is always balanced, with higher accuracy and durability.

5 Reducer

Japan Shimpo reducer is stable and has a long service life.

6 rack rail

Taiwan imported 25 high-precision guide rails, the slider comes with dustproof function. High precision grinding rack imported from Taiwan.

7 Oil injection system

Automatic timing cycle oiling, so that the slider can be fully lubricated, and the service life of the machine is prolonged.

8 Multiple functions

Mainly produce cabinet doors and other panel furniture with more complicated pattern carvings.


9 Certification

We have successively passed ISO9000, CE certification and Sudiao trademark registration authorization.

10 About the company

JINAN SUDIAO CNC Router Co., Ltd was founded in 2007.We are 13 years CNC router factory.Now,we are developed into the leading CNC company in civil.And in overseas,our CNC machine have been exported to worldwide.In more than 18 countries and areas,we have formed long term cooperator and agents.Our company has imported advanced international technology and production process,developing high performance,high quality machines to meet the requirements of different customers.


Machine parameters:


Linear ATC processing center

Working area


Table structure


Vacuum suction table with T slot +7.5kw air pump


Taiwan PMI 25mm or 30mm square orbit

Transmission type

X,Y Rack and opinion, Z Ball Screw


750W Japanese Yaskawa servo

Drive system

Japanese Yaskawa drive system


Japan Shimpo Reducer

Position cylinder

5 sets Air Positioning Cylinder(Two on the x-axis and three on the y-axis)


9KW Italy HSD air cooling spindle

Spindle speed


Max air move speed




Max working speed



Machining accuracy


Automatic Tool Change Position



11kw Delta Inverter

Control system

Taiwan Syntec Control System

Compatible Software

Type3/Artcam/Castmate/Coreldraw/Auto CAD and other CAM/CAD softwares

Command code

G code


Cable with shielded wires labeled,Schneider Switch and Electric Parts

Working pressure



380V,50Hz, 3 phase

Machine size(length×width×height)


Auto Oiling System


Tool Sensor


Cleaning system

5.5KW dust collector

Contact details:


Whatsapp&wechat&Facebook&phone number:008613256134727

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