Best Price Wood Cutting Machine Automatic Tool Change Center SD1325CC

The Linear ATC processing center is a specialized machine for cutting and perforating door panels and custom-made furniture in professional terms. The follow-up linear tool magazine can be loaded with various types of tools for modeling and processing of various processes. Save labor, material, and time!
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Product Details

01Product Information

The Linear ATC processing center is a specialized machine for cutting and perforating door panels and custom-made furniture in professional terms. The follow-up linear tool magazine can be loaded with various types of tools for modeling and processing of various processes. Save labor, material, and time!

Excellent components: use Taiwan PMI guide rail, TBI screw rod, Italian HSD 9KW high-power air-cooled tool change spindle, Japan Shimpo reducer, Taiwan Syntec control system, Yaskawa servo motor and drive, etc.

Reasonable design: independent operation of the cabinet makes it easier to use and maintain.

Function description: automatic loading and unloading (optional), automatic tool change, automatic punching, automatic grooving, automatic opening.

02Product main parameters


Linear ATC processing center

Working area


Body Structure

Heavy Duty Body Structure(5mm body,8mm for gantry)

Table structure


Vacuum suction table with T slot +7.5kw air pump


Taiwan PMI 25mm or 30mm square orbit

Transmission type

X,Y Rack and opinion, Z Ball Screw


750W Japanese Yaskawa servo

Drive system

Japanese Yaskawa drive system


Japan Shimpo Reducer

Position cylinder

5 sets Air Positioning Cylinder(Two on the x-axis and three on the y-axis)


9KW Italy HSD air cooling spindle

Spindle speed


Max air move speed




Max working speed



Machining accuracy


Automatic Tool Change Position



11kw Delta Inverter

Control system

Taiwan Syntec Control System

Compatible Software

Type3/Artcam/Castmate/Coreldraw/Auto CAD and other CAM/CAD softwares

Command code

G code


Cable with shielded wires labeled,Schneider Switch and Electric Parts

Working pressure



380V,50Hz, 3 phase

Machine size(length×width×height)


Auto Oiling System


Tool Sensor


Cleaning system

5.5KW dust collector

03Product details display

1.System: Taiwan's Syntec control system is currently a better system in the woodworking industry. Simple operation, quick response, simple troubleshooting, and low requirements for equipment operators.


2. Guide rail: Taiwan Yintai guide rail is used, and a scraping device is installed outside the slider. Multi-layer dust protection is used to extend the service life of the guide rail. The Z-axis adopts Taiwan TBI screw rod, and the nut is equipped with a tracking airtight dust removal setting to ensure the machine's operating accuracy and service life.


3. Table: The vacuum adsorption table is divided into 6 adsorption areas, each area is independently controlled by a manual valve, and the small board does not run off. There are many adsorption holes on the table, which are connected to a vacuum pump to effectively ensure uniform adsorption.


4. Oil pump: digital display automatic oil injection system (with memory function), automatic central lubrication system for the whole body, convenient lubrication, and prolong the service life and accuracy of the machine.


5. Tool setting instrument: The machine is equipped with an automatic tool setting instrument, which can automatically align a variety of tools, saving workers time for tool setting.


6. Drag chain: The new drag chain is used to effectively divide the signal line, power line, gas path, and oil path into 8-10 areas to prevent signal interference and avoid entanglement of the working center line.


7. Vacuum cleaner: double-bag dust collector can effectively remove dust and ensure the factory environment.


8. 12 tool magazines division of labor and cooperation-professional processing for various shapes and processes such as various sliding doors and cabinet doors.


04 Application

1.Woodworking Industry: MDF, wood, acrylic, PVC, double-color board, brass, aluminum, marble, crystal.

2. Advertising industry: advertising billboard, sign making, acrylic cutting, graphic mold forming and processing of many kinds of advertising terms.

3. Architectural model industry: metal models of copper, aluminum, iron etc, and non-metal models, such as artificial marble, grave, plastic board, PVC, board etc.

4. Other industry: image engraving, embossing, craft and gift industry.

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05 Provide services

Pre-sale services: 1. Provide free consultation services on product functions, applicable industries, technical parameters, and product prices.

                            2. Recommend suitable CNC equipment and panel furniture production line matching plan for customers.

In-sale service: 1. When the customer comes to the factory for inspection, professionals will give a detailed and comprehensive explanation of the product, and answer the doubts and unclear points raised by the customer about the product.

                         2. Provide photos and videos of the machine's processing and packing process.

After-sales service: 1. The company provides machine installation and use instructions, and provides free technical guidance.

                               2. The equipment is guaranteed for one year.

06 Into Sudiao

Jinan Sudiao CNC Router Co., Ltd. was founded in 2006 and is located in Huihe Street, Jiyang District, Jinan City, Shandong Province. It is one of the most powerful CNC equipment manufacturers in my country. Have advanced technology and strong strength. The company is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales of high-end CNC cutting, engraving and cutting equipment. The company now has a group of top talents with rich experience in development and application, specializing in the research and development of CNC cutting equipment. At the same time, the company pays attention to customer needs, faces domestic and foreign customers, and has won unanimous praise from customers with its excellent quality, excellent performance and perfect after-sales service.






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