High Efficiency CNC Wood 6 Sides Drilling Machine

CNC Wood 6 Sides Drilling Machine can work on panel furniture,furniture customization.
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Product Details

The Feature of this machine:

  1. Without turn back board,all the processing data is imported at one time.Processed after scan code.

  2. The upper and lower spindles can simultaneously machine the postive and negative symmetric slots.

  3. It' an automatic multi-surface punching equipment,this machine has high working efficiency and saves time and effort.

The maximum working area is 1.3m by 2.5m,the minimum working area is 30mm by 200mm.


It has two spindles up and down,it's 3.5KW each spindle. The quantity of the top spindle is 1, and there are 12 in the top vertical drills.The quantity of the bottom spindle is 1.  There are 6 pieces in the bottom vertical drills.


The drive system is Higerman,It's also controled by Higerman system.

Finished Product:

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Wechat&Whatsapp:+86 15055885520

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