Four Spindles CNC Cutting And Drilling Machine

Four Spindles CNC Cutting And Drilling Machine

Four Spindles CNC cutting and drilling machine has more efficient,becasue it has 4 spindles for cutting,drilling and slotting.
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Four Spindles CNC cutting and drilling machine


The Function and Feature of this machine

Function:1.Cutting,drilling,and slotting.

                2.Four Spindles CNC cutting and drilling machine can work on wood industry,such as wood doors,cabinets.Advertising industry,such as singage,logo.And the art work and the others.

Feature:1.Four spindle CNC machine has 4 spindles for cutting,drilling,and slotting,so it`s very efficient.

              2.Usying cylinders to switch spindles.The working area is 1300mm by 2500mm.

              3.It`s pre-started system,when a spindle is about to finish its work,the next spindle starts to prepare to work.

The spindle power is dual 6KW and dual 4.5KW,it has 4 spindles,usying cylinders to switch spindles.The Inverter is dual 7.5KW prestarted.


The drive system is Japan Yaskawa 750W or 850W,it`s controled by Syntec 60FC.

Details of Four Spindle CNC cutting and drilling machine:the table structure is vacuum suction,with 5 cylinders are easy to place board.Using 25mm or 30mm PMI square orbit,the reducer is from Japan Shimpo.It`s an automatic machine,including oiling system and tool sensor and the others.The 5.5 KW dust collector could keep it clean.The working voltage is 380V/3PH/50HZ.

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Finished Product


ISO9000 and CE Certification



Contact Information:Young

Mobile Phone:15055885520



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