Four Spindle Woodworking Machinery S1-4C

Applicable plate material: The MDF board, Mahogany wood, Splice wood board, Plywood, Veneer board, Solid wood board, Origin wood and Soft metail.
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Multiple processing four spindle woodworking machinery S1-4C.

Four spindle woodworking machinery S1-4C

The features of the machine you want to know are here:

1) Import SYNTEC control system, Shanghai weihong system control the 750w servo motor Japan shimpo reducer with deceleration.Four spindles can be used together, two 6kw spindles can be used for cutting materials and drilling, and the other two 4.5kw spindles can be used for carving, grooving and drilling.The accuracy of the four spindles is around 0.05mm.

2) We could according to your machining panel size to change the machine working measure.

Technical Parameters:



Standard spindle type

6 KW*2 & 4.5KW*2 air cooling spindle




NCstudio servo absolute value 1kw motor& NCstudio Drive

Working travel


Working accuracy


Re-positioning accuracy


Max.idle speed


Max.working speed


Working voltage


Command code

G code.*uoo,*mmg,*plt

We pay attention to detail:

Vacuum pump 7.5kw of the table the vacuum pump is big voltage to cleaning the after cutting dust, the dust hold we could exchange the soft or hard brush. The Dia.of suction port diameter φ150mm. The dual hands dusty collector have 4 spindle collect holes, another dual holes on the feeding device. 

NCstudio servo absolute value 1kw motor& NCstudio Drive system Powerful,long time working and long using life.

Shanghai NCstudio control system

High efficient with the easy one button operation controller is adopted in specially manufacture system company, we certainly used it to control the board side. 

The important electrical components in the control cabinet are all Siemens electrical equipment; the main circuit is equipped with a filter to eliminate interference and ensure the stability of the control system.

Suitable the adsorb the ventilation good board, such as the normal density board, processing the wooden board. 7.5kw negative pressure 44-46kpa, rate of flow is 530-600m3.

Working simple:

Four spindle woodworking machinery S1-4C

Applicable Industry:

Applicable plate material: The MDF board, Mahogany wood, Splice wood board, Plywood, Veneer board, Solid wood board, Origin wood and Soft metail.

Applicable field: Normal shop- wood door, Wood shelf, Current wardrobe, Bookcase, Computer desk, TV cabinet, Antique frame, Sliding door, Wooden craft, etc.

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Four spindle woodworking machinery S1-4C                                     

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Four spindle woodworking machinery S1-4C

Four spindle woodworking machinery S1-4C

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 Most concerned about product warranty:

  • 1. The machine is guaranteed for 12 months.

  • 2. Technical support by phone, e-mail or MSN around the clock.

  • 3. Friendly English version manual and operation video CD disk.

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