Cnc Router Wood Cutting And Engraving Machine

Cnc Router Wood Cutting And Engraving Machine

Italy HSD 9kw air-cooled spindle YASKAWA servo motor Japan shimpo reducer Syntec controller
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cnc router wood cutting machine and engraving machine

cnc router wood cutting and engraving machine



Building Industry (Architectural Decoration Elements, Kitchen Cabinet & Door, Facades & Curtain wall, Column & Balustrade)

Sign& Advertising (Signage Indoor & Outdoor, Engraving& Bas-Relief, 3D Letters, Funeral)

Models & Prototyping

Plastics & Composites (ACP, ACM and solid surface material etc)

Non-ferrous metals & Marine


Applicable material

Wood: Plywood, Soft Wood, Hard Wood, MDF, Chipboard

Plastic: Acrylic, ABS, HDPE, PVC, UHMW, HDPE

Stone: Granite, Marble, Slate, Basalt, Pebbles, Natural Stone, Ceramic, Porcelain

Metal: Aluminium, Brass, Copper, Mild Steel, Stainless Steel

Composite: Aluminium Composite, Copper Composite, Titanium Composite, Zinc Composite.


paneal furniture cnc router.jpg


Technical parameter of panel furniture cnc router


SD-1325 ATC panel furniture cnc router


Working Travel

X axis


Y axis


Z axis


Table Structure

Vacuum table


HIWIN or PMI square orbit 30mm

Transmission Type

X,Y:Herion helical Rack, Z Ball screw

Working accuracy



Re-positioning accuracy

Max air move speed


Max working speed



Spindle parameters

Type of cooling

Imported Italian HSD air cooling spindle






11KW Sunfar Inverter

Drive system

750W Japan Yaskawa servo,Japan shimpo reducer

Command code

G code

Control system


Oiling system


Positioning Cylinders

Pneumatic pop up system

Working voltage


Oiling system



MDF, Plywood, Hardwood, Melamine Laminates, Solid Surface Materials, Foam Core, Corrugated Plastic, Aluminium, Di-Bond, Soft Metals

Sudiao panel furniture cnc router is compatible with optional CNC parts to customize your furniture factory and improve accuracy, flexibility, productivity.


Contact us to find out which optional configuration could meet your demand.

panel furniture cnc router.jpg

Our Auto Tool Change System swaps out tools on the fly when required by your tool path, lets say you are processing 2 types of cuts that require different tools, the software will automatically tell the CNC router to locate the correct tool from the rack (which holds up-to 8 tools). Once it has located the tool, your job will carry on until it completes. This saves you precious manufacturing time which in turn helps increase margins.


Control system,electric motor and driver

spare part.jpg

The panel furniture cnc router is specialize in drilling and cutting all kinds of customized panel furniture industry.It is highly improve the efficiency.

This panel furniture cnc router is one practical and economical option.


package and delivery

package and delivery.jpg


Technical Service:

1. Technical supports and suggestions before you order a machine according to your work piece.

2. Professional instruction for the operation of the machine.

3. One year warranty, we will provide the consumable parts at cost price after the warranty period.

4. Our technician will come to your workshop if the problems can not be fixed through Internet or phone communications.

5. 24-hour technical support by email or calling.


contact information

Mobile Phone: +86 151-6514-3351

Skype: Annaliu826

Whatsapp/We chat: +86 151-6514-3351


cnc panel furniture cnc router.jpgfactory.jpg

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