Cheaper Automatic Edge Banding Machine For Wood Furniture Panel SD-368D

SUDISO automatic linear edge banding machine is mainly used for edge banding of panel furniture. It is characterized by automation, high efficiency, high precision and aesthetics. It has been widely used in domestic panel furniture manufacturers.
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Product Details

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Product details

1 Gluing. The automatic edge banding machine can make the workpiece and the edge banding double-sided glue through the special setting and structure, so that the bonding force of the edge band and the plate is stronger.

2 End Trim. The automatic edge banding machine is equipped with a special linear guide rail, which can move through the precise linear guide rail to ensure the flatness of the edge banding surface of the edge banding plate to achieve a better edge banding effect.

3 Rough trim and fine trim. The edge banding machine is equipped with cutters. During edge banding, the automatic tracking and high-frequency high-speed motor structure are used to repair the excess edge banding of the edge banding board, so that the width of the edge banding is consistent with the width of the edge banding board.

4 Corner trimming. When the workpiece and the edge banding tape arrive at the tracking trimming station after pasting, sawing, and trimming, the tracking trimming device will quickly stick to the workpiece and perform profiling trimming according to the shape of the workpiece.

5 Scraping. The automatic edge banding machine can also scrape away the corrugated traces generated in the curve edge banding process to ensure the smooth and flat edge banding and surrounding parts of the board.

6 Buffing. The full-automatic edge banding machine can polish the edge banding board, and the color and smoothness of the edge banding board can be improved.




The automatic linear edge banding machine is suitable for such plates: MDF, block board, solid wood board, particleboard, polymer door plates, plywood etc.


Packaging &shipping

We usually arrange the shipment within 20 days after payment.We have many years of transportation experience to ensure that the goods are delivered to you safely and completely.



Question1: How long about the machine’s guarantee?

Answer: 1 year


Question2: How about your after service ?

Answer: Technical support by phone, e-mail or MSN around the clock.


Question3: How can we install the machine?

Answer: Friendly English version manual and operation video CD disk.


Question4: How about the payment terms?

Answer: 30% T/T for deposit, 70%T/T paid before shippin

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Company information

Jinan Sudiao CNC Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007. It is a private enterprise approved and registered by the Economic and Southern Bureau of Industry and Commerce. The company is engaged in research, design, development, and production of automatic labeling and drilling and cutting centers, customized cabinets and wardrobes, smart hole machines, CNC six-sided drill, CNC panel saw, cabinet intelligent connection, cabinet closet molded door line, multiple six-sided drill cutting machine connection, production process planning and design, solid wood assembly processing center and other woodworking CNC machining center products Professional manufacturing company. As early as 2016, the company has started planning the whole house customized intelligent unmanned production line and implemented it on the ground. In 17 years, it delivered the "Made in China 2025" display project of the China Science and Technology Museum. The project combined manipulators and the Internet to further the speed-carved intelligent panel furniture production line. The upgrade and transformation have achieved the effect of interaction between manufacturers, production service providers, and users on an open and shared network platform. On this basis, and in the context of the current panel furniture manufacturing upgrade, the company launched multiple cutting machine connections, multiple six-sided drill connections, full-process cabinet smart connection, and cabinet and wardrobe molded door panels in 2018. Automatic and semi-automatic planning and design projects for production processes such as connection. In the next 2 to 3 years, the company is committed to providing stable and practicable solutions for the woodworking industry.


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mobile phone:008613256134727



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