3 Axis Router

3 Axis Router

disc auto tool changer,tools optional as 8,12,16 etc Italy HSD 9kw spindle YASKAWA servo motor,Japan shimpo reducer delta inverter Syntec controller/NK260
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Product Details

3 axis router 

3 axis router

High Specifications

We use Italian HSD Spindles in our machines as well as Japanese Servo Motors for unrivalled accuracy and repeatability.Famous brand parts include German Herion rack pinion,Japan shimpo reducer and Syntec controller. 

Efficient & Functional

Our machines are designed with the end user in mind. Pneumatic push up positioning stops are a great example of just that, everytime you can place your substrate onto the bed in the same position.

Size Availability

This highly versatile CNC Router can be purchased in sizes ranging from 1300 x 1300 mm to 2000 x 4000 mm, covering a broad spectrum of material sizes. Custom dimensions are also available just enquire and we’ll let you know what we can do for you and your customers.


Application Field

1.Furniture: plate-type furniture,wood furniture,office furniture,cabinet,wood doors and windows.

2.Wood:  Musical  instruments,speakers,game cabinets,computer tesk,electrical counter top.

3.Panel processing: Insulation,plastic parts,and other panel board.

4.Decoration industry: Acrylic,PVC,MDF,organic glass,plastic,soft  metal such as copper and aluminium  plate engraving processing.

More about our ATC CNC Router range

1.Machine Structure

Our ATC CNC Router machines are manufactured from high quality steel which has been treated to withstand even the toughest of workshops.  All frame work and gantry have been precisely engineered to create a robust and solid base for each machine.


2.Tool Changing  

Our Auto Tool Change System swaps out tools on the fly when required by your tool path, lets say you are processing 2 types of cuts that require different tools, the software will automatically tell the CNC router to locate the correct tool from the rack (which holds up-to 8 tools).  Once it has located the tool, your job will carry on until it completes.  This saves you precious manufacturing time which in turn helps increase margins.


Vaccum Bed

Powerful, high performance vacuum beds are a very important feature of any CNC router.  Piranha ATC’s come with vacuum systems offering exceptional suction.

Our vacuum beds are easily zoned off using our simple to use zoning system.



One of the most important parts of any CNC router is the spindle system.  We only use Italian HSD Spindles on our ATC CNC Router machines, with unrivaled speed and performance you know you have made the right choice.  Our ATC’s come complete with 9.0Kw rated units.


Drive System

We use state of the art brushless AC servo motors to drive our Piranha ATC Machines.  This paired with our helical rack and pinion technology deliver unrivaled accuracy and repeat ability.


Auto Tool Height Sensor

No more manually having to set your tool heights, with our ATC cnc router machines this is all done for you.

Safety Features Push stops as standard, light bar safety functions are available to protect the operator should you require them. We can also supply pressure sensitive safety mats for our customers if required as an added upgrade. Safety is paramount.




SD-1325 3 axis Router


Working Travel

X axis


Y axis


Z axis


Table Structure

Vacuum suction


HIWIN or PMI square orbit

Transmission Type

X,Y Rack, Z Ball screw

Working accuracy



Re-positioning accuracy

Max air move speed


Max working speed



Spindle parameters

Type of cooling

Imported Italian HSD air cooling spindle






11KW Sunfar Inverter

Drive system

750W Japan Yaskawa servo,Japan shimpo reducer

Command code

G code

Control system


Oiling system


Positioning Cylinders

Pneumatic pop up system

Working voltage


Supported File Formats



MDF, Plywood, Hardwood, Melamine Laminates, Solid Surface Materials, Foam Core, Corrugated Plastic, Aluminium, Di-Bond, Soft Metals


disc tool library

3 axis router

3 axis router

3 axis router

Application of atc cnc router:

1.Furniture: plate, office furniture, doors, kitchen cabinets.

2.Wood products: speakers, games cabinets, computer tables, sewing machines,  musical instruments.

3.Board processing: insulation, plastic chemical components, PCB, car bod,bowling track, ABS, PP, PE, etc.

4. Decoration: Acrylic, PVC, MDF, glass, plastic and soft metals such as copper and aluminum.


Our Services

Quality assurance:

1. The machine is guaranteed for 12 months.

2. Technical support by phone, e-mail or MSN around the clock.

3. Friendly English version manual and operation video CD disk.


Technical Service:

1. Technical supports and suggestions before you order a machine according to your work piece.

2. Professional instruction for the operation of the machine.

3. One year warranty, we will provide the consumable parts at cost price after the warranty period.

4. Our technician will come to your workshop if the problems can not be fixed through Internet or phone communications.

5. 24-hour technical support by email or calling.


What’s included

With all of our Piranha CNC Routers, we provide the full package, so you are ready to turn on and go as soon as our engineers leave your site.

Here’s a list of whats included with our machines:

· Powerful 9.0KW 3-Phase Spindle Manufactured by HSD ( Air Cooled)

· 8 position Linear Auto Tool Change (Carousel option available)

· Vacuum Bed & Vacuum Pumps

· High Accuracy Japan YAKSAWA Servo Drive System

· Full Extraction System (Self-contained cylconic bag system)  If you are processing MDF we suggest you purchase an extraction system that is suitable for this, we supply our machines with standard systems unless otherwise requested

· Software – Ucancam V10/Artcam/Type3

· Full Comprehensive Training from our engineers on both the machine and software

· 2 Year Warranty as standard


Contact information

Mobile Phone

+86 151-6514-3351



Whatsapp/We chat

+86 151-6514-3351

Trade manager


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